Our Cheese

We are one of the largest producers of Shredded, Shaved, and Grated Italian Hard cheeses for Food Service, Ingredient, and Retail Customers Alike across the United States, and World. We are masters of creating the perfect blend of the Cheese of your choice to meet both your Quality standard, and Price Point. Check out our selection below.

Imported and Domestic Parmesan

Traveling throughout the United States and Italy, our family goes from factory to factory, developing relationships and partnerships with both the manufactures and farmers of our   Parmesan cheese.

All of our Parmesan is proudly Grated, Shredded, Shaved, Packaged, and Distributed in the USA. 

Parmesan is a great cheese for Salads, Pizza, Pasta and basically whatever you feel Necessary to use it on (We don’t Judge). When you see “Domestic” on the Ingredient Label, you know your getting a product of the U.S.A. and of utmost quality. Domestic Parmesan is made with Cow’s Milk.

Milano's White Truffle Infused Parmesan

Our New Milano’s White truffle Parmesan is really something Special. We start by selecting the perfect Mild Parmesan cheese, with just the right flavor, and our Professional Cheese makers infuse it with an essence of White truffle. This cheese is unique to its own to have entire dishes created around it. White Truffle Pizza, White Truffle Pasta, White Truffle French Fries, the list can go on forever.

Use this blend to strive away from the mainstream and serve your customers something they are going to remember. Being a chef is one of the most creative Careers one can have, this blend caters to that by opening the door to new and exciting dishes.

Pecorino Romano

(DOP, Italy)

As one of the oldest cheeses in Italy, Pecorino Romano has built a name for itself as an amazingly flavored, sharp, hard, salty cheese great for Pasta. Pecorino Romano is made solely from Sheep’s Milk, we make sure to buy from suppliers who run clean, civilized farms. At Milano’s we know happy animals, make great cheese. The majority of the Pecorino Romano cheese is produced on the Italian Island of Sardinia. In ancient Rome, the Legionaries, infantrymen of the Roman army, used Pecorino Romano as a main staple in their diet. With its high protein great for keeping the men strong, and high salt content keeping the cheese from going bad on trips throughout the empire, Pecorino Romano was the go-to food for the men.

Our Pecorino Romano is true DOP. Whenever we advertise a product as “Pecorino Romano” you know you are getting a product right from Italy, with the great flavor necessary for your pasta, Pizza, and culinary needs. Pecorino Romano is made using Sheep Milk.

Domestic Asiago

(Product of USA)

While travelling throughout the United States, our family goes from factory to factory, developing relationships and partnerships with both the manufactures and farmers of our cheese products. Our Domestically produced Grated, Shredded, and Shaved Asiago is the perfect cheese to accompany a glass of wine, or if your looking mild flavored cheese to accompany a dish without the intense flavor of some of our other cheeses, Asiago is the perfect selection.

When you see “Domestic” on the Ingredient Label, you know your getting a product of the U.S.A. and of utmost quality. Asiago cheese is a Product made with Cow’s Milk.

Milano's Chef Blend

Milano’s Chef Blend is a product created for the fulltime chef looking to have a cheese that is great for sautéing, frying, or making sauce. Our Corporate chef has come up with this product in order to fill the void of watery sauces and sautés. The Milano’s Chef Blend, brings that great texture your looking for in a dish, while adding great flavors and aroma. Make an Alfredo Sauce using the Chef Blend, and You’ll see why we’re getting such great reviews on it.

Milano's Riserva

Milano’s Riserva is our very Own Branded Wheel, Imported from Italy. Made of Cow’s Milk, this cheese is manufactured by the same plants which produce (DOP) Parmigianno Reggiano and (DOP)Grana Padano Cheeses. A true product of Italy, this cheese is made with the upmost integrity, passion, and Love, which every cheese wheel deserves.


Our Pisa Brand is another great product of ours, at a Lower Price Point. Don’t equate lower price with lower flavor. The only thing Pisa brand effects on your high end dish…is the price. A cost efficient product top of its class. Available in Imported and Domestic, Parmesan and Romano Cheeses.


Falcone Brand is the Highest Quality of Imported Cheese we have. Named after our Founder, Joseph Falcone, We have brought together the strongest and boldest cheeses from round the world and grate, shred, and shave it to make the Best Parmesan and Romano Cheeses. Enjoy cheese with a kick on your pasta, meatballs, salads, pizza etc. Your customers will know the difference.

Imported Asiago

(DOP, Italy)

Our Imported Asiago is another great mellow flavored cheese. Slightly richer in flavor than the Domestic Asiago, The Imported DOP Asiago is true to Italy, Specifically the Veneto region.

Our suppliers in Italy have strict guidelines to follow to ensure they are doing what is necessary to create the perfect Asiago time and time again. When you see a “DOP” you know the cheese is a product of Italy and regulated to be of true origin to the Veneto Region. DOP stands for (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) or Protected Designation of Origin. Imported Asiago is made with Cow’s Milk.