Quality Assurance...

          Milano's 75,000 sqft food facility is a HACCP approved and operated facility. We have passed the stringent requirements of several third party audits with consistently high ratings. From raw materials to finished goods, our products are tracked, monitored and tested for optimum food safety and quality.

          Microbiological testing is performed on all incoming as well as outgoing products and is inspected for adherence to specifications. Our highly trained quality assurance staff ensures that products are produced safely and to specifications. Our products technicians monitor all of our production lines and perform sensory analysis, weight measurements and metal detection.

Our Certifications include:

-SQF 2000, Level 3-
-Department of Defense- 
-US Military Armed Forces Procurement-
 -OU-D + Ko Kosher-
-Silliker Good Manufacturing Practices Audit-
-European Union-
Certificate of Analysis (available upon request)